Cairns to Darwin “Creeks and Crocodiles” or “Tour de Carpentaria”

It is that time of year again – cool(ish) and dry in northern Australia so time to get Wendy the Wayward Cape York touring bike off the wall and onto the road! This time Wendy is taking me from Cairns in northern Queensland across the bottom of the Gulf of Carpentaria to Darwin in the Northern Territory. About 3000 km depending on side trips to caves/fossils/fishing.

Follow us on a map – Tracking us from Cairns to Darwin or copy this link into your browser – stragglingstu

Comments from us when we reach civilisation are visible on the Stuart’s blog and on a blog dedicated to the Cairns-Darwin Creeks and Crocodiles ride on

Four of us are heading out together this time.

Stuart – has dug his bike out of the attic but his legs are not in best condition for the start. Predictions are that he will suffer for first week.

Brian – very competent, ex-military, calm, trained riding in the Pyrenees

Bruce – safety manager, scientist and bicycle advocate, rides 200kms a day for fun

Christine – strong rider, trained for this by riding the Mawson Trail in South Australia

A fifth rider is joining in Booroola;

Chris – veteran of Paris-Brest-Paris, strong, well able to look after himself and others.